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About Us

Saday is a  platform that provides creators access to a direct-to-consumer relationship, with the ability to sell their designs worldwide. It's a platform designed for artists and designers from all over the world, with no third-party intervention. The platform operates on a transparent and democratic consensus method that ensures that all stakeholders are fairly compensated for their contributions to the Saday ecosystem. 

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Sustainable design powered by you.

Our purpose is to connect people through art and design.

Everything we sell or provide as a service is in partnership with individual artists and designers from all across the globe.

​Our artists and designers are an inclusive part of our Saday family. We stay in touch with them on a regular basis.

​Empowering artists and designers will always be the top priority of Saday. 


Reach out to us for designing your digital Future!

Know more about our B2B designing services, powered by 4000+ artists and designers!

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