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why participate?

  • Be a part of a growing artist community.

  • Win the chance to have your design manufactured and retailed.

  • Earned royalty on every unit of your design sold!

Competition rules:- 

  • All posts have to be made under the 'Design Challenge' Category.

  • Under this challenge artists are open to post any form of art be it digital or physical.

  • For digital art you can simply post your artwork on our forum once you're done with it. 

  • For physical artworks you need to take a clear picture of the artwork with a white background and upload the same on the forum.

  • Make sure your member's account is public.

  • Let us know what you will be designing on through a forum post using #MyDesignIdea.***

  • Any design not matching the provided specification or theme will not be accepted.

  • Post competition, the winning designs will have to be submitted in an invisible PNG format if digital.

***This step is mandatory because it helps us plan the manufacturing.

Design specifications:- 


This is our number one rule! Please remember that your design MUST match the theme. 

Originality and “thinking outside the box” is always encouraged and we love creativity, but if your interpretation is way too eccentric or you twist the concept until the theme is unrecognizable, it will have no interest for us or the other artists of the community, and your work will not be relevant for the challenge.

If your design doesn't get approved by the group, please don't attempt to submit it again, as this can lead to a temporary or permanent ban from the group, so please be very careful.


2 ) How to use backdrops for the 3 different templates provided

This time around we have 3 fixed template guidelines for you to follow for a SADAY original design theme. Across the 3 templates, the logo and the seamless pattern parts may have a full backdrop or none at all - it is entirely up to you. Please note that using all elements within your selected template is suggested for the creation of more professionally designed merch.

Character template: In this template is to be used if you wish to depict the theme as a deity or a character-centric work of art. Please keep 20% of the area as transparent pixels. You may create one with no backdrop as well.

Portrait template: We would like you to keep a portrait orientation and fill only half of the artwork with a solid backdrop whereas the other part should have the main element reaching or beveling out of the figure, for more of a 3D effect.

Landscape template: Same parameters for this orientation. Please provide a short quote for this artwork as that will be used with this design.  typography is always welcome!

To download and view any of the templates click on the highlighted Headings


Rule number three is also really important: Create only ONE SINGLE-centric Element based on the theme. If you think it is necessary to deliver your idea, you can still draw additional elements or creatures* (like a sidekick, a minion, or a pet) but please make sure we can clearly see what or who is your main Subject for the challenge. Keep in mind that if your design includes more than one Element based on the theme, it will be impossible for us to rule out what’s the actual focus of your work, and your entry for the challenge will be ultimately considered as a “line up” of elements based on the theme, which is against the rules. 

Finally, we also suggest you not make the additional element or creature overshadow (in size) your main element.



Rule number four: you can post multiple designs** for this monthly challenge, but make them count! We would like to see the details this time around and hence with your main design do send us pictures of the details in your artwork.

**posting more than one artwork is allowed but posting the same one twice, can lead to a permanent ban.

How to participate?

Join our community if you haven't already.

Create your design following the design specifications and theme.

Post your designs on our forum by 24th April 2022.

The challenge is exclusive to our community members, sign up today for such awesome opportunities!

Have any doubts? Reach out to us through WhatsApp or members chat

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