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Design Challenge 11

Are you an artist or designer who loves to incorporate traditional Indian art into your work? If so, this design challenge is perfect for you! We are looking for talented individuals who can create unique and innovative merchandise designs inspired by Indian art.

The theme of this challenge is Indian Art and we want to see your interpretation of this rich and diverse culture through your designs. Whether you choose to depict traditional motifs, vibrant colors, or modern interpretations, we want to see your creativity and passion for Indian art come to life in your designs.

To participate, follow these steps:

  1. Download the saday app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

  2. Create a profile and upload your portfolio.

  3. Go to the challenges section and select the “Indian Art Merchandise” challenge.

  4. Add your design submissions, which should include at least one full-color design for a product such as a t-shirt, mug, or tote bag.

  5. Please provide a brief description of your design, including the inspiration behind it and how it relates to the theme of Indian Art.

  6. Fill in whatever price is in the bid section.

  7. Wait for the community to vote.

Challenge Ending In

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