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Things to consider before outsourcing your next design project

A professional designer is an important asset to any business. They are the ones who have the skills and knowledge to create a design that will make your customers want to buy your products. Designers are best for your brand because they are able to capture what you want to convey in the designs that they create. They are also able to translate your brand’s identity into a visual language.

The design industry is a very competitive one. You can have the best idea in the world, but if you cannot determine a proper budget and find the right people.

A tensed man, trying to figure out how to find the perfect desginer
A tensed man, trying to figure out how to find the perfect designers

So, you are in the process of

outsourcing design services

and you have no idea what to look for?!

Don't worry we are here to help!

The issue of going to an agency sounds easy but infringing on artists and designers is a problem that has been around for decades. It is important to understand the implications of this issue and how it affects the creative industry.

The creative industry has faced this issue for decades. The most recent example of an agency infringing on an artist or designer was when Getty Images used a photo without permission and sold it to a customer who then used it in an advertisement.

Agencies are taking advantage of the low pay that designers are receiving, which leads to them not being paid at all for their work. This is problematic because agencies are profiting off artists' work without compensating them for their skillset, time, or talent.

In the end, affecting a designers

motivation to give their best.

So what other options do you have?

We guess you should hire individuals, but wait from where?

People would say just go to Fiverr, Upwork, Blah, Blah....but the freelance Marketplace model is not a healthy business model for either freelancers or the company.

Freelancing platforms are not a healthy business model because they take too much money from freelancers while providing less and less value to businesses. This means that they will have to start charging more in order to keep up with their overhead costs.

This is not good for both parties as the price will go up, but the quality of work will stay the same or decrease because of the competition among freelancers on these platforms. Freelancing platforms are also not sustainable for many companies who want to compete in today’s digital economy.

Fiverr sucks

The ease of hiring freelancers often doesn’t work in the favor of businesses. Freelancing platforms have made it easier to hire, but the abundance of freelancers has also made it easier for them to find a better opportunity and walk away.

Companies like Fiverr, Dribble, and Upwork are businesses that rely on freelancers for their business to run. The gig economy has been an effective way for these companies to find talent and make money from them. But these platforms aren't ideal for both parties involved because they don't offer the same quality and consistency that a Design Agency would.

Okay, this isn't helping at all, but wait!

Have you heard about a Decentralized Agency?!

We guess not, so let us take you through a journey

"In the centralized design agency, the designers and clients are not on an equal footing. The designer is forced to produce work with the desired outcome in mind, and the client is left with no transparency of how their service is being used."

Designers are now incentivized to produce the work that they want to produce. They can be transparent about their pricing and the way they work, ensuring that their clients are aware of what is being done for them.

The best part about this change is that there's no force for designers to overproduce in order to provide value for their clients.

This idea of design originating from decentralized services has been developing over time into a movement known as Open Design. It first started as a collaborative way of producing designs through crowd-sourcing or by being entirely open source where anyone can contribute and participate in it. This new system created many advantages such as eliminating any infringement on designs and if someone chooses not to participate in an open design project.

Saday Open Designers

Open design has been one of the core values of Saday Marketplace, The future of design is decentralized. Designers and clients can work together in a more equal way than ever before. Saday Marketplace allows designers to have their own space where they can create freely without being forced to produce anything that they don’t want to.

Schedule your free design consultancy with one of our creative directors and find what's best for your business today.

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